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Dam Removal, a second chance for our rivers and our society

Hundreds of thousands of dams and weirs block European rivers (almost 90 000 in France). These barriers have strong impacts on the natural functioning of rivers, aquatic habitats and fish migrations, creating serious ecological imbalances.

It is clear that not all dams can, or have to, be removed because many have important functions required by society, including water supply and water safety. However, in most cases the removal of obsolete dams is a viable solution for river restoration. Dam removal restores local river morphology and results in a return to natural functioning for sediment dynamics and river wildlife. No other restoration measures, for example fish passes, can do this.

Dam removal restores the morphology, the natural functioning and the dynamics of the river (sediments, fish fauna). But it is also an option to be considered in contributing to the objectives of the WFD, and water quality improvement, fish migration route and fish populations improvement, particularly for long migratory species, restoring free ecosystemique services, mitigate the impacts of climate change through more resilient aquatic ecosystems, lowering maintenance and repair costs, improved regional economy (high quality rural landscape), increase the link between man and river and sense of local connection and pride.

“Dam Removal Europe” helps to promote this vision

To promote and inform about the benefits of dam removal, European Rivers Network, WWF, World Fish Migration Fundation Rewilding Europe, River trust, founded in 2016 “Dam Removal Europe” (DRE) coalition and project. In late 2019 and early 2020, “The Nature Conservancy” and “Wetlands International” joined the group.

DRE aim to promote the idea of dam removal through Europe by creating a community of people, organizations and governments that are committed to giving more space to the European rivers by eliminating the small and large unnecessary or impacting dams and provides tools and arguments for the restoration of ecological continuity.

Dam Removal Europe actions and tools

DRE uses innovative tools to grown the network. For example WWF NL started a crowdfunding campaign for dam removal, WFMF creates fashion and sporty DRE clothes, organizes the world fish migration day, WWF Finland launched a great media campaign. ERN documents (photos, video, drone) the removal of the Sélune dams and coordinates international media, etc. All the partners participate and contribute to the organization of international seminars (ERN organized the one on Sélune in 2019), to the writing and editing of brochures, policy report, etc. A website and newsletter allow to share news, case studies, happy stories, knowledge, etc.

Milestones and succes of Dam Removal Europe

– A film : DAM BUSTERS scheduled for worldwide release in 2021.

– Strong announcements concern rivers and the restoration of ecological continuity in the UE Biodiversity strategy 2030  : the 27 will have to have freed up 25 000 km of rivers.

– Growing network : > 1200 persons and strong connection with USA expert network. Media and social media audience.

– End 2019 : 7 international events organised (Spain – Leon 2016, UK 2017, Spain – Madrid 2018, Sweden 2018, Lithuania 2018, Estonia 2019, France – Sélune 2019 )

– A database with over 5.000 removed obstacles

– Directly involved in 15 dam removals, also using crowdfunding

– Policy change on dam removal in 2 countries (Finland and Sweden)

– Site Web www.damremoval.eu with 33 showcase projects in 2019.

– 1 policy report

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Brochures, Cartoon

Dam Removal Strategy 2020-2030, DRE 2020
BD “Dam Removal cartoon” novembre 2016


Dam Removal Europe Webinar / Practitioners : recording, July 2020
Restitution of the AMBER project: webinar video, June 2020
Dam Removal Europe – The Interview Series, May 2020


Restoring Free-flowing Rivers in Europe, A practitioner’s toolkit for dam removal, The Nature Conservancy, sept 2019
Report : Dam removal :A viable solution for the future of our European Rivers”  DRE, Juily 2018

Press Release

  • 19 July 2018. Press release for the launch of the policy report “Dam removal a viable solution for the future of ourEuropean Rivers”

DRE plateform partners are supported by 24 others organisations