Living with the floods in upper part of the Seine River

As a continuation of the action that SOS Loire Vivante deployed in the 1990s on the Loire basin to develop a new flood risk approach with the emphasis on the role of natural areas, ERN France became a partner of Seine Grands Lakes on the PAPI of Seine and Marne in the Paris region (Flood Prevention Action Program).

Its mission is to coordinate, on the territory of the Seine Grands Lacs, awareness-raising activities for students from Ile de France and the Seine upstream. It is also be tasked with valuing the role of freshwater ecosystems and flood expansion areas in flood management. It will support the communication actions of Seine-Grands-Lacs on this theme, notably by publishing documents intended for actors in the field and the general public. It will also intervene to provide scientific support through its European partners to the Bassée development project to strengthen consideration of environmental constraints. The flood of June 2016 which affected some of the tributaries of the Seine upstream reminded that very important floods were still possible on the Paris Basin and showed the need to work to renew a culture of the river including a perception and a memory of the risk . At the same time, ERN was entrusted with co-management with the Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea (the Biodiversity Department, the General Directorate for Risk Prevention) and the Conservatoire du littoral a working group of the Mixed Flood Commission (CMI) on the role of agricultural activities and natural areas in flood management, the aim of which is twofold: to produce a communication document for decision-makers on natural areas and to design the part natural areas of version 2 of the guide “Taking into account agricultural activity and natural areas in the context of flood risk management” which will include examples of risk management based on nature (nature based solutions ).

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