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Summary of the main ecological impacts caused by hydroelectric hydroelectric developments and their consequences on the the functioning of watercourses, January 2022 OFB, french only

Hydropower in Europe : transformation – not development,  March 2021, WWF report

A manifesto : no more new hydropower  in Europe, 2020, english

Hydropower pressure on European Rivers : The story in numbers – summary report, Euronatur,Riverwatch, WWF, Geota, 2019, english

Environmental-climate-and-social-guidelines-on-hydropower-development, EIB, 2019, english

Handbook on the “sustainable” future of hydropower in the Balkans , Balkanka association, Dimiter Koumanov, 2019, english

Micro Hydro : No Go in french wild and scenic rivers , ERN 2017, français

10 Reasons Why Climate Initiatives Should Not Include Large Hydropower Projects, a Civil Society Manifesto for the Support of Real Climate Solutions, 2015, english => document updated in 2019 by the NAMRA

Dams & dams removals

– Dam removal progress 2022, April 2023, DRE report, english

– The potential of barrier removal to reconnect Europe’s rivers, April 2021, WWF report, english

–  Quand les rivières reprennent leur cours – Notes sur l’effacement de barrages et de seuils, sur la Sélune et ailleurs, February 2021, OFB, Synthesis meeting of the 2019 Selune Conference organized by ERN, French only

Let it flow, reconnecting people with rivers, AMBER, 2020, english

Dam Removal Europe – Strategy 2020-2030, DRE, 2020, english

– Effacement de barrages, Quand la Sélune reprend son cours, – 24 au 26 septembre 2019, Les Rencontres, OFB, n°70,  déc.2019, french
Dam removal: The Sélune River free to run – 24 to 26 september 2019, Les Rencontres, OFB, n°70,  déc.2019, english

Dam Removal a viable solution for our European rivers, DRE, 2018, english

–  Let’s adopt the Selune Valley, english
Adoptons la Vallée de la Sélune, français

Enlever les vieux barrages inutiles sur la Loire et  les rivières de France, un progrès pour la restauration écologique des fleuves, WWF 2008,  français

World Commission on dams Report “OVERVIEW”, WCD 2000, english

World Commission on dams Report “COMPLET REPORT”, WCD 2000, english

Waterframe directive, Basin management plans

–  The final sprint for Europe’s rivers, an NGO analysis of 2022-2027 draft river basin management plans – Summary report – october 2021 , WWF report

–  The final sprint for Europe’s rivers, an NGO analysis of 2022-2027 draft river basin management plans – Full report – october 2021 , WWF report

Weakening the EU Water law : Industry’s wish list, LRE, 2019, english

Bringing life back to Europe’s water : the Eu Water Law in action, DRE, 2018, english

Eco-Masterplan for Balkan Rivers, Riverwatch and EuroNatur, 2018 english

Living Rivers Europe : vision statement, LRE 2017, english

Floods & Nature based solutions

Les solutions fondées sur la nature dans les anciens marais salants de Camargue, Tour du Valat, 2019, french

Flood Risk in Paris (Seine River) – a publication by ERN , 2017, français


Eau et milieux aquatiques – Les chiffres clés 2020, OFB, SDES MTES, collection DATALAB, french

Youth Manifesto for wild rivers by the Youth Network for River Action, 2017, english

Salmon in the the Alps (Revue Atlantic Salmon Federation), 2017, english

A review of Europe’s new Water, EEB, 2012

World top 10 rivers at risk  WWF 2007, english

  • ERN’s presentation brochure

Our passion : living rivers beyond all borders – English version 2021