Relearning the River

More and more people are living in the city, and few of them live near a watercourse. And in this case, it is usually only for a limited time! We are indeed far from the time when entire families lived all their lives, or even several generations, in one place along a river or river. The individual and collective memory of the functioning of rivers has long since disappeared …

Who nowadays really measures how dangerous floods can be and knows what to do when they occur? How many citizens and decision-makers understand the importance and role of living and free rivers and water?

Faced with this trend, ERN has set up several projects and campaigns in the field of education and information.

project and campaigns

A European-wide campaign to improve water quality and support the return of river swimming.
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An instruction programme for schools. Art as a means of communicating knowledge.
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Living with floods in Europe
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Georges Emblanc Awards
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Relearning rivers


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