Large scale dam removal: “Selune Valley Revival”- International conference – FIRST CALL

European Rivers Network, the French Agency for Biodiversity, the national french Federation for Fishing, Dam Removal Europe  and the INRA announce the international conference on dam removal and renaturation of the Sélune river, from 24th to 26 September, 2019 in Brittany and Normandy (Mont Saint Michel).

The Sélune, coastal river, considered as the 3rd river of France in “Salmon potential”, now renaturing, will be at the heart of the conference and presented with different points of view (ecological, territory project, research program). This summer, the Vezins dam (36m high) will be removed making this project the biggest dam removal project in Europe. These huge works – which will be followed by the removal in 2021 of the La Roche-qui-boit dam (16m high), will improve the quality of the water into the bay of Mont St Michel and restore ecological continuity for more than 70 km of Selune river. It is an opportunity for the territory to create value with this river renaturated. The project has an important scientific monitoring program since more than 6 years (sociological, geomorphological and biological) allowing knowledge of the valley, helping the implementation and evaluation of the project.

3 days of conference will present a global vision of the policy of restoration of continuity in France and in Europe by highlighting the successes and the failures, the means implemented, the challenges and stakes to integrate and the research programs. Cases studies from Europe and US on dam removal and territorial projects compatible with a free flowing river will be shown.

Registration and practical info  :

This event is part of the internationals seminars regularly organized by the Dam Removal Europe platform co-founded by ERN – the next event will take place on 22 and 23 May in Estonia – and give the chance in Europe, France and the Sélune Basin to share knowledge and experiences on dam removal and projects enable the re-appropriation of the river space.


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