European elections May 2019 : food for thought from the European Environmental Bureau !

The European elections are coming soon!
The European Environmental Bureau informs you for an effective and responsible vote, and incites to “re-protect” Europe …
Indeed, European laws have kept us safe for years and must continue to be able to do it … whether in the fight against climate change, the improvement of the quality of the environment. air, the protection of natural spaces, the reduction of pollution by plastic and toxic chemicals …
But unfortunately, we can no longer take for granted these crucial protections of men and nature. On the pretext that regulation is a “burden” for businesses, some politicians are trying to weaken or destroy EU laws. This is known as “deregulation”.

That’s why, next May, your vote is crucial!
Get to know the candidates who will maintain and strengthen the protection provided by the European Union.

>> More information on
>> Briefing for voters : « Will you vote to reprotect Europe ? »

NB : ERN France – SOS Loire Vivante est membre de l’EEB

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