Concessions renewal on the franco-swiss river “Doubs” : NGOs will be associated…. but how ?

You were told in our news of June 2019 : Several French and Swiss NGOs had made the request, with their respective governments, to be involved in the reflection on the renewal of the concessions of 3 hydroelectric structures present on the Franco-Swiss Doubs (The Châtelot, The Chorus and The Ghoul) which come soon to maturity (respectively 2024, 2028, 2032).

In November, they have just received two similar replies from their respective governments, who each propose to meet them in the course of 2020. Let’s hope that this will be a real consultation, and not just a restitution of already taken decisions. We remain vigilant!

The governments also specify that they are currently working on a draft international convention applicable on the whole section of the Doubs Franco-Swiss. The governments consider that the adoption of this convention is a preliminary and necessary framework for the definition of the modalities of renewal of the hydropower concessions. It is the advancement of this draft convention that will determine the schedule of the meeting with associations.




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