May 22nd and 23rd, in Pärnu, Estonia, was the “Let it Flow” seminar on dam removal in Europe. Organized by the Dam Removal Europe platform, the World Fish Migration Fundation and the Environment Agency of Estonia The opportunity was given to visit the restoration works on the Pärnu River, the country’s first salmonid river. Including the removal of the Sindi dam ( 151 m wide and 4.5m high dam ) located 14 km from the sea. The “Restoration of Pärnu River Basin” aims to remove 8 barriers restoring nearly 3300 km of river on this basin covering an area nearly 20% the size of Estonia. Other example from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Spain have also been shown. Bob Irvin, president of American Rivers, gave an update on the situation in the United States. ERN also participated and presented the next conference on dam Removal in september in France on the Selune River, where the Vezins dam (36m hight) is currently being deconstruction. More info about the conference Find the Estonia seminar program on Dam Removal Europe website Watch the TV report during the field visit (from 4’50min):