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Open Rivers : First weir removed on the Tardoire !

At Champagnac-la-rivière (Haute-Vienne in France ), on the Planches site, the first of the four weirs that are to be removed on the Tardoire, with the financial support of the Open Rivers programme, has just been replaced by a beautiful riffle!

This Wednesday, January 11, the local actors went to the site to mark the end of the work.

It is a success for this removal. Started at the end of December, the work was completed without any problems at the beginning of January. A first small flood occurred at the beginning of 2023 and the works seem to be behaving as planned.

The SYMBA is now ready to start work on the second weir at the “Site de Raux”. Given the favourable weather conditions and the non-complexity of the planned work, it will be possible, exceptionally, to start work at the beginning of February.

site les planches sur la tardoire

Tardoire river at the site of “des Planches” at Champagnac-la-Rivière (Haute Vienne , France), before and after removal / CR : SYMBA

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