Ecosystem services of wild rivers: Webinar replays available

The study relating to the research and development contract on the ecosystem services of wild rivers in connection with the ecological label “Site Rivières Sauvages” carried out by the Office Français de Biodiversité (OFB) in partnership with ERN France, Association du Réseau Rivières Sauvages and Cerema is being finalised, one of the stages of which was the holding of a restitution seminar in the form of a webinar, remotely, on Tuesday 07/12/2021 from 9.30 am to 12 noon.

This webinar highlighted the main lessons learned on the technical and scientific, social, environmental, territorial and economic aspects of the so-called ecosystem services generated by rivers in very good ecological condition that have been awarded the “Wild Rivers Site” label.

The challenge in terms of research consisted in addressing the dynamics of the interdependence between an ecosystem and the stakeholders who benefit from it, in order to shed light on the modalities of an adapted sustainable management. The aim was to go beyond an approach based on the pure functionality of the ecosystem.

Three labelled watersheds were analysed: the Estéron (06), the Léguer (22), the Nant Bénin (73) following the study on the Taravo (2A) …


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