How far will the hydroelectic equipment of weirs in the Loire – Allier basin go?

The Loire-Allier basin is one of the main migration routes for wild Atlantic salmon. NGOs have been working for more than 30 years to protect and restore ecological continuity on this axis. Several successes have been achieved. Large dams have been removed (e.g. Maison-Rouge, Saint-Etienne-de-vigan), the Poutès dam is being completely restructured (partial removal) to reduce its impacts on upstream and downstream migration. Wild Atlantic salmon were saved in extremis on this axis.). (more infos)

In spite of these victories and the strong biodiversity issue in the basin, at least 6 hydropowerplants are in project on existing weirs and dams with no real uses (see map).

Some projects would worsen the ecological continuity because they would prevent the removal of the dam. There is no denying that the development of renewable energies has entered into competition with biodiversity. What about the basin vision . Who takes care of it in these projects?

To take stock of the situation, avoid certain developments, reduce impacts, compensate as a last resort, SOS Loire Vivante – ERN France and several basin associations will lead in the coming months a series of Webinars and debates which will hopefully lead to a strategic vision for the basin conserving the interests of biodiversity and the river. Upcoming events, see the webinars page (in french only)

Big dam removed or retrofit and new threats on the Loire basin.

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