Blois mobil dam removal

Loire river, Loire-et-Cher, France, 2005

The weir was constructed in 1970 as a facility for water sports activities. The reservoir was first established between June and October, preventing any fish migration, including that of wild salmon. To the right of the weir a non-working fish ladder was constructed, another on the left bank was never built.

As part of the “Plan Loire Grandeur Nature“ and the associated migratory fish plan 2003 – 2007, the weir was identified as a priority.

According to the “Conseil Supérieur de la Pêche” (CSP, English: Higher Council for Fisheries, later ONEMA) there was no viable alternative.
A group “The Future of the Loire without dams” successfully opposed an extension of the concession by the County Council of the region.

The concession terminated on the 17th of April 2005 and was not renewed. On the 14th of April the prefect decided in renaturing and the definitive reduction of all weirs until their complete removal