The summary of the Sélune webinar has just been published

In early June, SOS Loire Vivante – ERN, in partnership with the OFB and INRAE, organised a webinar on the Sélune, attended by over 100 people from all over France. 4 scientists and researchers taking part in the “Sélune scientific programme” came to present their results one year after the end of work at the Roche Qui Boit site and the reopening of the Sélune axis. The studies presented concerned sedimentary, hydric and chemical continuity, recolonisation by migratory fish and the territorial and social aspects of the project. The presentations provided a wealth of information for the future of river restoration. The Sélune programme is also interested in other areas of river restoration, such as changes in riverbank vegetation and macrointertebrate communities, etc. The data can be consulted on the Sélune programme website and may be presented in a future webinar.

Download a 2-page pdf summary of the webinar (french only)

Replay the webinar and access the speakers’ pdf presentations (french only)

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