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RIVERS in the spotlight in the latest issue of RELIEFS magazine

Magazine RELIEFS – Cover n°9, dedicated to the rivers

Do you know the French Magazine “Reliefs” ? His latest issue (9) is devoted to the rivers!
Contents : anatomy and pathologies of the rivers, living with the river, shared rivers: awakening upstream, interview with Erik Orsenna, illustrated literary extracts, endangered species, the longest rivers in the world, river turbines , tidings, reading tips, movies, music …

ERN France, through its president, R. Epple, had the honor and the pleasure of writing the forum, which you can find on line at (in French only) : https://reliefseditions.com/fleuves/

As always, the Reliefs folder is extended in old maps, notebooks, serigraphs, prints and educational coloring on fauna and flora. >> Read more about Reliefs magazine


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