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Open Rivers Programme selects a new project submitted by ERN

Following the successful removal of 4 weirs on the Tardoire in 2023, ERN will have the pleasure of supporting, as part of the Open Rivers programme, the removal of the Pont de Rhodes weir being carried out by the Syndicat Mixte de la Dordogne Moyenne et de la Cère Aval, on the Ressegue, a sub-tributary of the Cère (BV Dordogne). The water pearl mussel, which is on the IUCN red list, is present in this basin. The restoration work will reconnect 12.3 km, i.e. 96% of the length of the Ressegue, and 23 km of watercourses throughout the catchment area.

The work will be 100% funded by the Open Rivers programme, for which ERN and the SMDMCA applied in 2023. The study phase was also financed by the Open Rivers programme with the ERN/SMDMCA partnership.

The next call for applications is set for 29th October 2024 (grant categories A: Programme-supported dam removals and B: Enabling others to remove dams).

More infos : https://www.ern.org/fr/openrivers/




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