New report by WWF / TNC : “Connected and flowing : a renewable future for rivers, climate and people”

13th of May,  WWF and TNC launched a major report on the accelerating the renewable revolution in Paris,  just before the opening of the WorldHydropower Congress.
This report “Connected and Flowing: a renewable future for rivers, the climate and people” shows how for the first time global climate (keep warming below 1.5 degrees) and energy goals (provide power to the 1 billion people who currently lack access), without sacrificing the world’s remaining free flowing rivers – wich deliver a number of critical ecosystem services.

 The report is a collaboration between WWF,TNC, IUCN, the Stimson Center, the University of California, Berkeley, the University of California, Los Angeles, Manchester University and Stanford University Woods Institute for the Environment.

> More infos on the WWF Site

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