Montpezat and water sharing: a hot topic

On the occasion of World Water Day on 22 March and with a particularly dry spring and tensions on the resource already high, the media in the Haute Loire did not fail to talk about water sharing and the project we are proposing around the renewal of the Montpezat concession. Read the special report and Roberto Epple’s interview in the Eveil de la Haute Loire newspaper (in french).

About our campaign on “water sharing”. Study case of the Upper Loire and Ardèche basins :
The Montpezat hydroelectric complex (138MW) takes water from the Loire which is turbined in a powerplant to the Ardèche basin. This case of interbasin water transfer, about 220 million m3/year from the Loire basin to the Rhône basin, is unique in Europe. Beyond the energy aspect, water sharing is an issue. An important question that could emerge elsewhere in future. The Montpezat hydroelectric complex will reach the end of its concession in 2029. EDF must not be the only actor around the negotiating table and the public debate must take place as soon as possible to understand and considerate the issues. Thus, ERN wishes to inform, raise awareness, and prepare citizens for better water resource sharing, drought management and energy production.

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