How to take part in the Georges Emblanc Awards ?

Are you interested? Would you like to participate? The next edition of the Georges Emblanc Prizes will be held in 2021.
For further information, please contact us by email: alexis.pasquet [at]


Candidate Requirements

To apply for the Prix Georges Emblanc, it is necessary to be able to address an individual university thesis attesting to a Master 2 (master research or professional master) completed in university or in another academic institution (graduate school, school of engineer, of commerce, of architecture, an Political Sciences Institute) allowing to obtain a degree at Bac + 5.
The other possibility to compete is to present a collective work (carried out by at least two students) carried out within the framework of a Master 2 or equivalent, and which can, by its quality and the mass of work produced, resemble a thesis of end of studies.
Only applications from individuals are accepted. Legal persons or organizations are not eligible to apply.

Awards Theme

Submissions/works must focus on the following themes: Rivers, watercourses and wetlands, flood risk, stretch risk, crisis management (flood risk focus), drought and water scarcity, water quality, quantitative water resource management, climate change, biodiversity, wetland conservation, natural habitat management, wetland wildlife protection, public awareness/information on these topics, education of school students on these topics, management of wetland fauna and flora urban/rural, resilient architecture/urbanism, landscaping, river eco-neighborhoods, GIS and risk mapping, flood history, sociological work on risks, river culture, cultural approaches to risks, river heritage, ecological continuity, ecological restoration, environmental law applied to watercourses/wetlands, reporting and journalistic surveys on any of these topics, etc.
For the 2021 Georges Emblanc Awards, the work presented must have been confirmed by a score or evaluation awarded in 2019, 2020 or 2021.

And if you do not enter in one of these cases

Exceptions may nevertheless be considered on a case-by-case basis to admit work and an application that does not fall into any of these categories (if other than a Master’s thesis or a thesis from a school with 5 years of higher education, for example) but which would make sense in terms of the themes and according to the Georges Emblanc Awards “philosophy”. In that case, please contact the holders of the Georges Emblanc Prizes to submit an application that does not meet these admissibility criteria.

Documents to provide for any application

¤ An email indicating your wish to apply for the Georges Emblanc Awards addressed to ERN France

¤ Your M2 Master’s thesis or the official report of your collective work in PDF format or online if it is a web page. Audio or video files can also be sent.

¤ Your updated C.V.

¤ A rather short topo summarising your dissertation/group work with factual information (Who? When? In what framework of studies ?…).

Do not hesitate to contact us by mail for more information: alexis.pasquet [at]