30 years of the victory for a living Loire

On 4 January 1994, precisely 30 years ago, the Interministerial Council decided to definitively abandon the construction of the large Serre de la Fare dam. This was a major victory for the Loire and SOS Loire Vivante, supported by numerous NGOs.

See our press release for the 30th anniversary of the victory (french only)

At the same time, Michel Barnier, then Minister for the Environment, published the first Plan Loire Grandeur Nature, which not only included the abandonment of the Serre de la Fare, but also blocked other dam projects and launched a brand new exemplary policy for the management of the Loire River.

This decision put an end to 5 years of occupation of the site (Plage au Pont de Chadron).

“We want to be proud of the Loire, proud of a beautiful, free, natural Loire and proud of a living, active, enterprising Loire”.
– Michel Barnier, former French Minister for the Environment –

To find out more about the Plan Loire Grandeur Nature, visit our page on the subject: https://www.ern.org/fr/le-plan-loire-grandeur-nature/ (french only)

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