Dam Removal Europe Webinar / Practitioners : recording available

You missed the July 1st the #DREpractitioners webinar. Check out the recording  on You tube.

On this occasion the participants were able to see live removal of a hydropower dam: Marieberg , Sweden and ask their questions to the project team about the removal process.

Hydropower dam: Marieberg , Sweden

This webinar was specifically geared towards practitioners and answered a variety of practical questions: What are the best methods for removing a dam? | What are some of the technical difficulties encountered when removing a dam in a protected area? | What if the dam has a high cultural heritage value? Does this affect how you remove it or how much of the barrier you can remove? | What do I have to take into consideration if there are exotic species dwelling within the river on either side of the dam? Drilling away at a dam may sound easy—what is there to understand? What is there to expect and take into consideration?

With news and presentations from the USA, UK, France, Spain and Sweden.  

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