European Rivers Network

Who are we ?

Who are we ?

ERN is an NGO engaged in the preservation and sustainable management of water and rivers.

Through a myriad of activities, including information campaigns and educational programmes, the network is involved in the protection of rivers and their ecosystems.

ERN is based in France and holds national certificates (Agréements) it is also recognised by both the French Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry for Youth and Sport and has the Label “Entreprise solidaire”.

ERN is an official partner of WWF France in terms of “Freshwater” and is a long-standing member of the EEB (European Environmental Bureau).

ERN finances its work through membership fees, donations and partnership with many public and private regional, national and international institutions and with its involvement in a number of European projects.

Many personalities from the fields of art, culture and public-life support the work done by ERN.

Our missions

Our missions

ERN is active throughout the entire french territory including overseas, but his sphere of operation stretches to include international rivers and  river basins such as the Rhein, Rhone, Danube, Elbe and the Iberian peninsula.

Alongside its own programmes, campaigns and projects, ERN is supporting cross-border interdisciplinary cooperation at local, regional, national and international levels.

ERN is involved with a number of cooperations and maintains lively information exchange within a framework of an informal network related to all key river catchment areas covering the entire European continent.

ERN supports worldwide initiatives in connection with the protection of rivers and their ecosystems, and sees itself as a participant in a social paradigm shift, without which our planet Earth cannot be managed sustainably.

In 1992 the work of ERN (known at the time as SOS Loire Vivante) gained worldwide recognition for the Loire Vivante project with the award of the “Goldmann Environmental Prize”.

Our history

Our history

Following the result of massive citizen movements and campaigns to save the Danube between Vienna and Budapest and the Loire from its source to its mouth (Loire Vivante) in 1994 ERN was founded by Roberto A. Epple.

ERN was created with the technical support of International Rivers Network (IRN), the WWF and the SOS Loire Vivante

The French SOS Loire Vivante, founded in 1989, initially handled administration of ERN. Later SOS  Loire Vivante became ERN France – SOS Loire Vivante, a non profit NGO in accordance with the french law from 1901.

Our Project Familys

Our Positions

  • Dams and Hydropower:
    “Less and better” –  more → (soon)
  • Ecological continuity:
    More free flowing rivers – free way for fish and sediments – more → (soon)
  • Floods:
    Living WITH the River – Use nature to reduce risk – Reduce vulnerability – more→ (soon)
  • Large waterways for transportation:
    Adapte the ships to the river and not the opposit – more → (soon)

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We follow the recommendations of The World Commission on Dams Report

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