Protecting Rivers

Only a few rivers in Europe are in their natural state. They need to be protected.

Either by various classical legal means (such as the EU’s Natura 2000, conservation areas, national parks etc.) or by the creation of other “voluntary” instruments o structures.

Another important element to attain the best possible protection of rivers is a network of all parties and campaigns along a river as well as a communication strategy which informs and motivates citizens and decision-makers to take action.

Our Projects and Campaigns


A campaign and a network of people, projects and organisations along the entire catchment area to save the Loire, the last big wild river of western Europe


A Label of 47 socio-economic criteria for the remaining wild rivers of Europe.


An international campaign in cooperation with the WWF Switzerland for the return of the  Rhein salmon as far as Basel


An information campaign for the establishment of a UNESCO Biosphere in and around the unique  spring zones of the Loire, the Allier and the Ardèche

Projects and campagns for the Upper Loire valley.

Protecting Rivers